Felicia Chew on Ending Road Rage



Summerbell had the right to love, the right to dance, and the right to love gymnastics. Her parents had the right to love Summerbell and give her a safe and healthy life. However, that right was taken away when Summerbell was murdered in her own driveway.

Yes, the responsibility falls upon Joshua who chose to follow the Browns and pull the trigger multiple times. The responsibility also falls upon the system that led him down the path that left him feeling like he had no other choice than to follow the Browns to their home and open fire.

Can we do something to change future outcomes? Yes, we can make adjustments to the system so that safer and healthier paths are available for each of us and all of us.

We can:
– Educate our communities on mindfulness;
– Provide opportunities and models for developing and practicing empathy;
– Listen to our community members and identify what the stressors are, and work to minimize those stressors, while empowering community members, so they know the power they have, without feeling like they need to take power and control away from others.

Policy Review: Human Relations, Rights, and Responsibilities: (1) Respect and honor the rights to decisions by others; (2) Harm no one; (3) Have empathy.

Budget Review: (1) Funds for accessible and affordable fun, engaging, interactive, educational activities that promote mindfulness, responsibility, and empathy; (2) Funds for maintaining indoor and outdoor accessible and affordable safe spaces for engaging in trauma informed restorative and transformative courageous conversations.



“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life. Without each of us our picture is incomplete.”

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