Felicia Chew on Addictions

FB_IMG_1552239459219Since we have a problem with addictions in our community, we must be sure that policies/laws and budgets help us out of the rut that addicts, their families, and our community are in.

We can empower addicts, and help addicts, their families, and the rest of the community understand that we are each a piece of the puzzle of life. Without each of us and all of us, our communities would not be complete. We can:

– provide education about addictions
– provide education about insiduous people and organizations
– ensure people have access to basic needs
– hold people accountable, especially those who abuse power (whether it is on purpose, or accidental)

This is why I keep running for elected office… to be in a place where I have the ability to help create laws and rules that help everyone, and to help with making sure money goes to programs and materials that help everyone.”

– Felicia Chew

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”


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