Time to “man up”!

…and destigmatize mental health, and humanize those who are bullied.

This is a pretty disgusting tweet.  It is even more disgusting if it is really from Mr. Trump.

Image from Axios article (click here to read the article)

Q. Why is TRAIL all in caps?

R. English teacher inferring here, based on his reference to her being “Pocahontas”… perhaps he is referring to the Trail of Tears.

Jr. posted:

“Savage! I love my president!” on Instagram.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… “savage”, as a reference to the historical reference of Native Americans as “savages”.

Some folks might consider these tweets to be demonstration of a high level of intelligence (due to the use of puns). Too often, we hear the arguments, and teasing:  “If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen”, “It was just a joke”, “Suck it up”, “Boo hoo hoo go cry to your mommy”.

Unfortunately, people who write tweets and make comments like the ones above have grown up in a culture of bullying and being bullied (e.g. the “small hands” jokes about Mr. Trump).

This cultural attitude is one of the reasons I don’t enjoy watching shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “roasts”. I remember the “Laverne and Shirley” episode where Shirley was really hurt by Laverne’s brief stint as a comedy performer….

So here is the question for today:  Is it still time to “man up”, in the traditional sense?

Traditional “manning up” includes the expectation of being a man means being in control.   This can lead to the use of violence, bullying, shaming, and blaming to control someone else, whether a partner, child, or pet.

Unfortunately, traditional “manning up” has limited success, which may result in the use of  “excessive discipline” (abuse),  resulting in domestic violence; child, pet, and partner abuse; suicides, and murder suicides.

  • Within the past several weeks, we have had at least five murders/murder suicides in the County.
  • We read news reports of suicides of children who were identified as being bullied.
  • Children develop anxiety and depression from being bullied.
  • Grown ups suffer from Adverse Childhood Experiences.
  • Studies show that 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 7 men experience domestic violence.  Recent news reports share stories of murders by individuals with a history of domestic violence.
  • Domestic violence is one of the most common calls for law enforcement.  There are many calls for response to issues with individuals experiencing mental health crises.

If we keep doing what we’ve done, we’re gonna keep getting what we’ve got.  It is time for a cultural shift, to destigmatize mental health, and humanize those who are bullied.

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”


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