Loopholes in Policies


A new page has been created to address Loopholes in Policies.

Please share with others, so we can make a difference!

Viva! (la revolucion)

❤ Felicia

We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”

This page is designed to shed light on loopholes and problems in Arizona legislation.  It will be updated, and dates of updates will be included in the text.

What can you do?

  1. Stay informed, with evidence to support your claims.
  2. Register with the Request to Speak (RTS) system.  (Directions on how to use the system are on the RTS page).
  3. Have conversation.
  4. Support groups who do the work to make things better.  Many are volunteer groups, who can use financial to continue the work, such as Felicia Chew Community Projects.  Click here for an expanded list of advocacy groups.

The Loophole(s):

  1. Perpetrators can cross-examine victims/survivors when they opt out of a lawyer, thereby re-traumatizing and re-intimidating their victim, causing them to not testify truthfully.
  2. Coercive control is not a crime.  Perpetrators can continue the cycle of domestic abuse by exercising a little but of self-control to continue to abuse their victim through gaslighting, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse… which all becomes “he said/she said” in a Court of law.

What’s being done: Felicia Chew Community Projects is working with legislators to present a bill that has been drafted which addresses these issues, includes coercive control as a crime, and changes sentencing of those convicted of domestic violence.


  • The Arizona Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence believes there should be fewer rules about domestic violence, not more.
  • We need to pay bills, so our time is limited in this work.

The Problem:  An unequal representation of idealogies taught in schools.

What’s being done:  HB 2001 to require “both Sides” of topics are represented.

Read more…

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