What Would You Do With $1Million?

In 2012, I was asked what I would do with $1million.  I answered that I would build a community center.  Now, more than ever, I recognize the need for a community center… for space where people can share stories and wisdom… a space where people can be happy and healthy…. a space where people feel safe.

This is the reason why I have taken an interest in saving Golden Pin Lanes.  The County wants the space for saving money on leases,  and consolidating various County services into one location.  Their argument is that Miracle Mile, is one of Tucson’s neediest areas, so, the facilities should be located on Miracle Mile.

I agree… It is one of the less economically developed areas. 

And, I disagree.  We do not need to further stigmatize Miracle Mile.  We need a community center bringing positivity and fun — not continuing the stigmatization of poverty, by building an adult probation and juvenile probation facility, in the middle of the community!

There is always more than one way to approach a problem… This is my vision.  This is my ask for $3 from each Tucsonan, so that we can Save Golden Pin Lanes.  

*Note: Felicia Chew Community Projects uses the services of Piryx for online donations.   There is a service fee.  If you would like more of your dollars to go to the cause, cash and check donations can also be made

If we do not raise the $2.65million, the funds (less service fees can be returned to you, or if they are not requested as a refund, they will be used to support the Education, Advocacy, and Outreach projects of Felicia Chew Community Projects.

Felicia Chew Community Project’s vision for Golden Pin Lanes:

A community center that features bowling and adds value to the community. We know that the Bowl has features that have attracted many community groups, bowlers of all levels, tournaments, tourists, and the State Women’s Tournament (the whole reason the County is not closing the Bowl before June 2019)!

The community center would include:
– a toy library
– a little library
– a place for Pima One Stop to set up a table
– a place for WIC and other City and County services to set up tables
– a community board for businesses and services
– home ec/cooking courses
– safe space for people in crisis, where they can meet with someone trained in crisis response, and their children can be kids in a safe space while they parents process and develop a plan
– a food distribution center (e.g. Food Bank, community gardens)
– craft market
– farmer’s market
– movies in the parking lot
– art display and sale space
– tutoring
– English language courses
– citizenship courses
– empowerment courses
– partnership with the Jacob’s Park YMCA, Monterey Court Galleries, Westside Substation, and other businesses along Miracle Mile
– bowling and arcade games (of course)
– bowling tournaments
– referrals to resources
– PE classes (bowling) for kids
– local employees
– internship opportunities

This *sounds* like a lot of services, because it *is* a lot of services! Using the space creatively, we can accommodate these programs and so much more!

We model the space after other existing community spaces. For example, in Gallup, New Mexico, there is a restaurant where Navajo and other Native artisans carry their wares on trays to sell to restaurant customers. The artisans must be approved by the restaurant in order to sell.

POW (Produce On Wheels) already exists. Meet me at Maynard’s already exists. Many services and businesses exist, and Miracle Mile could benefit from these services and businesses as well!

We just need money to buy the Bowl from the County… the overpriced $2.65 million, which we can do… if everyone in Tucson chipped in $3/each. 🙂 A community center for each of us and all of us!

Save Golden Pin Lanes with a contribution of $3 or more at http://www.feliciachew.com/support.



We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.   Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”

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