Felicia Chew on Pet Policies

There is needless suffering that occurs on a daily basis at animal shelters, and elsewhere in communities.  There has been some discussion of “What if the animals magically disappeared?” Unfortunately,  this does not solve the problem.  It would only displace the problem.

Animal management in an area with dense population requires policies, such as:

  • Require pet stores to sell sheltered animals before selling “bred” animals;
  • Accessible low-cost or free spaying and neutering of animals;
  • Fines for pet owners who choose not to spay or neuter animals that become nuisances;
  • Education in schools and the community about pet ownership, mental health, peer pressure, and financial management;
  • Trainers to work with animals to help them become service animals, including Courthouse animals;
  • Incentives to foster animals;
  • Coordination of sale of animal shelter pets with pet stores.


Add a comment to help this discussion about pet policies create workable, realistic solutions to this very real challenge!

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