Stop the Bullies

They become perpetrators of domestic violence.

When you realize that over half of your life has been dealing with trauma… and your kids’ entire lives have been filled with trauma… and someone calls you a professional victim… you just have to let it go. Because if you don’t, it festers in your soul. And you can’t move on. You’re frozen. Breath leaves you.

People say that Democrats can’t be responsible. Democrats are entrenched. All of these generalizations, stereotypes.

When you realize your whole life has been faced with racism and sexism, and you recognize that your story is different enough from others’, and the words you use are lost in translation… you have a choice. Always a choice.

To press on. To rest.

So you ground yourself. Feel the earth beneath you. And rest.

– A Survivor’s Story, page 322

Ways to respond to a bully:
1. Say: “That’s not nice. Don’t say that.”
2. Say: “There’s nothing wrong with crying.”
3. (Don’t engage.) Be concise.  Use the “Broken Record” strategy
4. Use wit.
5. Kick ’em in the nuts.

Assault is constant, so… we learn about, understand, and set boundaries.

Unfortunately, some bullies will see that as a challenge, so we stand firmly with flexibility, and eventually that will wear them down… the natural bobbing and weaving, where they grow tired because they cannot evolve.

The problem is that bullies will move on to the next victim. So, we continue with outreach, and to educate, advocate, empower, and teach empathy. ❤

“We must end bullying, because bullies grow up to be perpetrators of domestic violence.”

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The purpose of Felicia Chew Community Projects is to create happy, healthy communities, by providing opportunity for #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs to be empowered through sharing stories, art, perspectives, and wisdom; while teaching Empathy, and providing examples and opportunity for Restorative Practices, because we are Each  a Piece of the Puzzle of Life.  “Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.  Unfortunately  explanations are labeled excuses hy gaslighted and people which do not understand coercive control.  Many people are easily manipulated because they have forgotten how to (or never learned to) #THINK.

To learn more about our work on ending systemic domestic violence,  visit us at 

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