Time is Running Out…

Talking Points for Saving Golden Pin Lanes

Please attend a public input session, or write a letter to Mr. Huckelberry and the Supervisors, and Mayor and Council.  For dates, locations, and addresses, go to http://www.feliciachew.com/savegoldenpinlanes

Golden Pin Lanes is an economic asset to Tucson.

The Bowling center is making money.   It was sold because the owner wants to retire.   The bowling center and pro shop jobs will be lost if it is converted to County services, since the County is relocating services (not increasing services).  Also, through bowling tournaments money comes into Tucson when people travel to Tucson to participate in the tournaments.

Golden Pin Lanes contributes to the health of Tucson.  Bowling is one of the few exercises viable in Tucson in the summer.   It is accessible to all ages, and has adjustments to allow the differently-abled to bowl.

Bowling is important to combat substance abuse.  If Bowling is added to Parks and Recreation offerings, it will engage young people and let them have fun which will make drug use less appealing.

Golden Pin Lanes will/can add resilience to this part of Tucson by serving as a cooling station in times of temperatures over 105 degrees.

Golden Pin Lanes is important as a justice issue.

Bowling is accessible to many people with disabilities it provides fairness in recreation.    The City has golf courses and should also promote bowling.

The Golden Pins Bowling Center can help facilitate the revitalization of the Miracle Mile area.   Saving the bowling center will send the message to residents of this area that the County and City care about their well-being and respect them.   It can lead to historical tourism and a dynamic area.







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