Emerge! Not for everyone… please donate if you can!

Emerge! Center Against Domestic abuse is an amazing non-profit that serves the community of Tucson and its surrounding areas.

At least it is for me.

I have heard several stories from other survivors that Emerge! did not meet their needs.  Upon further conversation, I concluded that it was no one’s “fault”; rather, Emerge! has budgets for services that work for some, but not all, survivors of domestic abuse.

For me, it was exceptional.   My family and I participated in family sessions, group sessions, Holiday House, and we used the clothing referral service.  I utilized the individual counseling sessions, and engaged with the Clothesline Project.

Broccoli beef in my electric skillet from one of Emerge!’s annual Holiday Houses.

At one Holiday House, I received an electric skillet.  To some, this may seem like something so trivial.  But for my family and me, this was a Holiday House gift that reminded me that I am not crazy.  I am beautiful, intelligent, and amazing.  I am loved.  I am cared for.

And, it helped me these past few months when I had no gas in my house,  due to a gas leak (yes, I know… first world problems).

I remember daily the love that Tucsonans espouse.  I remember that Tucsonans do the best that they can.  Tucson, you have helped me fine tune these teachings:

1. People do the best that they can.
2. We always have a choice.
3. We cannot control what others say or do.
4. We *can* control what we say or do.
5. We need to allow ourselves time to think.
6. We have the right to take time aparts.
7. We have the right to love.
8. We have the right to be loved.
9. We have the right to express our opinions.
10. We have the right to ask questions.
11. We have the responsibility to have self-control.
12. We have the responsibility to practice empathy.
13. We have the responsibility to speak up when we do not feel safe.
14. We have the responsibility to speak up when we see someone else is unsafe.

Thank you, Tucson.  As the holiday season approaches, please consider donating to Emerge! and their annual Holiday House.


“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”