Stand Up, Speak Up. End Systemic Bullying, Systemic Racism, Systemic Domestic Violence

Electeds, friends, community members: I charge you with ending systemic bullying, systemic racism, and systemic domestic violence.

Fact: There is a dark side to victims of bullying, non-physical aggression, including threats and intimidations.  Eventually, they have enough, they rise up, and take matters into their own hands.  Then, they are blamed and shamed, and people wonder how the nice person went into a “psychotic episode.”

We are all too familiar with sayings like:

“The straw that broke the camel’s back.”
“Nice guys finish last.”

Which may result in victims’ and allies’ sayings like:

“F@%! the system!”
“No one else gives a $***, so beat the M#%÷F#%$÷= up!”

And people comment:

“My, that escalated quickly.”
“It was just a joke.”

People don’t really care about the victim, or the perpetrator…. Because people are no longer taught empathy, and because human relationships are lacking… in fact destroyed… by the very systems that are supposed to be protecting the people.

Systems are made for convenience. Meetings are held at times that people cannot attend.  Accommodations must be fought for.  People are shamed with comments like:

“If it was important to you, you would make time for it.”

Electeds, friends, community members, It is time to say #Enough; time to #SpeakUp.  #IfNotYouThenWho #RealHelp #SafetyPinNationTimeToDoTheRightThing #StopTheBlame #StopTheShame #FixTheSystem

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