“Gun sense,” not “Gun control”

Regarding “gun control”.

Any type of “control” in regards to another human being just does not sit well with me these days…

We need “gun sense”… not “gun control”.

We need more programs that educate our community about mental health, and explain the need for power and control.

We need to stop the shaming and the blaming that leads to a sense of hopelessness, and crises situations that result in fight, flight, or freeze.

A $3 programming fee could accompany all weapons purchased, and a $3 penalty fee could be assessed on individuals charged with threats and intimidation, emotional and verbal abuse, and bullying (some of those need to make it to the statutes). Those penalty and programming fees would be used for the programming described above.

Yes, gun owners should be responsible; it is also time to hold our community responsible.


“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life; without each of us our picture is incomplete.”

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