Equity – You’re doing it wrong.

Equity is not the same as equality.

Equity balances out the playing field and bursts through glass ceilings.

Equity allows folks who were given the short end of the stick to make up ground that was lost due to having the short end of the stick.

Equity happens, and people used to “equality” use their inequitable resources to try to expand the gap.

People used to “equality” distract those who are starting to learn about “equity”, and people trying to educate about “equity” end up in a huge distracted argument.

Equity – you’re doing it wrong.

Equity – you are trying to use the same tools that Equality uses (and we already know that Equality’s tools don’t work for Equity).


Take a breath.

Don’t panic.

Refocus yourself, Equity, and introduce your perspective, your tools.

Equity, you must create new Tools that are equitable parts Courageous, Assertive, Patient, Tolerant, allowing for Sadness, Hope, Anger, Reality, Empathy.


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