We must hold one another accountable for emotional and verbal abuse

Trans teen kills self while on suicide watch.  Nurse kept calling him a girl.

When we entrust others with our most precious gifts… and they fail us…. Hospital nurses kept calling a trans teen who was on suicide watch — a girl.

My heart is so sad. This is an older article, but this type of avoidable tragedy still happens daily. I don’t know the outcome of this case; I hope the Nurse accepted responsibility and has changed her practices. I hope the hospital’s hiring, training, and retention staff changed their practices. If they did not, I hope they were moved to another post.

The mother forgave. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting.

We must remember…

1. Anxiety in emotional health and mental health lead to suicides.

2. People who shame and blame others lead to suicides.

3. People who are in a position to make changes to policies and budgets, but do not… are responsible for suicides.

4. We, as a society, are responsible. It is not a red thing or a blue thing. It is a human thing.

5. We must choose to honor and support those who foster creativity + humanity + empathy + wisdom.


“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”


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