Spanking Children — Don’t Do It. Ever.

We must release our egos and allow growth and creativity.

“Aversive disciplinary strategies, including all forms of corporal punishment and yelling at or shaming children, are minimally effective in the short-term and not effective in the long-term. With new evidence, researchers link corporal punishment to an increased risk of negative behavioral, cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional outcomes for children.”

American Academy of Pediatrics

At last, research from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding shaming and blaming.  When we couple this with ACES and Arnold Lobel’s “The Bad Kangaroo” in Fables, that describes the child who put thumbtacks on the furniture because his parents did, we can see even more clearly that as grown-ups, we must set a “good example” of being responsible, accepting responsibilities and perspectives of others.

We must stop the blaming and stop the shaming.

“We know that the brain does not grow and develop as well once there has been physical punishment to the point where it can cause learning problems, problems with vocabulary and memory, as well as aggressive behavior.”

Academy of American Pediatrics

We must recognize that all of us do the best that we can.  All of us.  Even those who are deemed to be “lazy”.

Suspend Disbelief.  Stop putting yourself, and others, in a box.  Live in harmony.

People often categorize themselves as “optimists” or “pessimists”. Why do we have to be wholly one or the other?

The teaching of harmony, and the image of the yin-yang symbol, understand that there is a little of the “other side” in a “side”.

  • It is necessary to embrace this understanding, and it is taught in many cultures.  Some of the words make some of us bristle due to implicit bias, prejudice, and learned behavior.
  • It is necessary to teach our children, and our selves, to think.
  • It is necessary to recognize that some adults never matured emotionally.
  • It is necessary to provide space and opportunity for all of us to grow our emotional selves to match our physical selves.

We can (we must) teach ourselves and our children to be responsible and accept responsibility.

We must release our egos and allow growth and creativity.

Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Creativity + humanity + empathy + wisdom

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