How Should I Vote?

Felicia’s Insights, Thoughts, and Guidelines on Voting

“Give someone a fish, they eat for a day.
Teach someone to fish, they eat for as long as there are fish.
Teach someone the process, how to be creative and resourceful, and give them tools, and teach them the process to acquire tools, and they can find a way to survive with or without fish… and, they can teach others to fish.” -Felicia Chew, Candidate 2020 Pima County Supervisor, District 3.

I have been asked recently about how I am voting on several ballot issues. I thought I would share the process I follow to help me determine how to vote.

  • Is there an alternative solution?
  • Is this solution hurting anyone?
  • Is this solution safe?
  • Is this solution sustainable?
  • Is this solution solid?
  • Is this solution flexible

Beware The Pendulum

The Pendulum is the death trap to progress.  Leftists and Trumpists who choose to shame and blame the other side are the problem.  You can be on the Left.  You can support Mr. Trump.  But the moment you blame someone, you cause greater division, and you delay progress.


There are several groups and organizations that are available to help voters make educated decisions.

It is important to recognize that most groups employ a marketing strategy which includes the use of persuasion, which I learned about when I was in 4th Grade, and again in 8th Grade as a student in California.  Unfortunately, this art of communication is not internalized widely anymore (thanks to standardized testing).

As an English Teacher, I used a supplement printed by the local newspaper while I was in California.

Things to Pay Attention to regarding Marketing:

  • Peer pressure
  • Vague promises
  • Statements that lead you to jump to an untrue conclusion
  • Statements that cause an emotional response that can lead to unreasonable  conclusions.
  • Each organization has their “agenda”
  • Traditional American culture tends to push their ideas on others, requiring others to assimilate (be like them), rather than acculturate (embrace and integrate other cultures).

Voting Resources

  • There are a variety of groups and organizations who will prepare documents to share their perspectives on voting.  You can do a Google search of areas you are interested in, like “candidates in Arizona who support sustainability”, and peruse those links.
  • You can vote for individuals who support clean elections.  Clean elections limit the amount of dollars that candidates use for campaign financing.  Note that they may not participate in the clean elections, so they can combat “dirty money”, so pay attention to their reasons for accepting campaign funds, and how they use their funds.

Felicia’s Voting Guidelines

  • Some sections allow you to vote for more than one candidate.
  • You do NOT have to vote for every section.
  • Sometimes it makes sense to cast one vote, even if you are allowed two, because you might bump your preferred candidate out of winning.  Remember, the highest number of votes wins the seat.
  • Vote for candidates and policies that support clean elections
  • Vote for candidates and policies that promote and practice equity (which is different from equality).  Equity is giving a hand up to those who “din’t have bootstraps to pull themselves up with” simply because they were never given boots, and never given tools nor opportunity to make boots, or an alternative to boots (yes, this is a reality).
  • Vote for candidates and policies that do not keep our society in the past; rather those who set us on a path that makes things better for #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs
  • Vote for candidates and policies that build bridges.
  • Do NOT vote for candidates and policies that cause division in our communities and nation.

These are tall orders, but they can be accomplished.  #TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore #OurVoices #OurVotes

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