October Calls to the Audience – #SaveGoldenPinLanes

On October 19, Golden Pin Lanes, Jacobs Park YMCA, Felicia Chew Community Projects, and many other community groups and members participated in an amazing 5th annual Trunk or Treat, hosted by Jacobs Park YMCA.

Golden Pin Lanes continues to demonstrate their committment to our community, so let us continue to be committed to Golden Pin Lanes.

The following are transcripts of the October Calls to the Audiences, by community members who remain committed to Golden Pin Lanes. 

Calls to the Audience are held twice monthly at 9am at 130 W Congress.  If you would like to share comments, but are unable to attend, please send them to us at our Contact page, and we will assist you in having your comments put before the Board of Supervisors and Mr. Huckelberry.  

October 2, 2018: 

Good morning,

My name is Felicia Chew.  I am a resident of Pima County, and founder of Felicia Chew Community Projects, working to help end systemic domestic violence by building relationships through sharing stories, art, and perspectives.

I am here this morning to share about why October is significant to me.  October is domestic violence awareness month. I am a survivor of domestic violence.

In February of 2011, I moved to Pima County, unaware that I had been a victim of domestic violence.  It was through the responses of the Tucson Police Department, Marana Police Department, and programs like Emerge! and the County Attorney’s victim advocate program that I recognized that I was a victim.  

Seven years after moving to Pima County, I am able to say that I am a survivor of Domestic Violence.  I volunteer, with approximately 100 other community members, as a victim advocate through Barbara Lawall’s office.  The Victim Advocate program has been recognized across the nation as an excellent model. Pima County has been a leader in being an advocate to victims’ rights.  To human rights.

One of the reasons that Domestic Violence perpetuates is because victims are afraid to speak up.  People are afraid to speak up because relationships are lacking. Relationships are lacking because we are becoming increasingly limited with venues for building relationships. Relationships build trust, trust allows people to speak up.  People speaking up reduces crime. Reduced crime takes us out of crisis mode. Being out of crisis mode allows us to trust and to build relationships… which reduces crime.

I ask that you be innovative and a leader in finding a way to fuse the reduction of crime by building up community relationships.  Golden Pin Lanes builds relationship. Consider local models like Antigone books, who experienced a recent employee buyout; and longstanding co-op models, like the Food Conspiracy Co-op.  Consider the Aquatics Program. Tap into and build up existing resources, like Golden Pin Lanes to help create a happy, healthy community in the Miracle Mile area, and to revitalize the Oracle Area.

I would like to invite you to Tuesdays for Tucson tonight at La Cocina from 5-10p to help end systemic domestic violence with Al Perry, Church Ink tattoo Parlor, and the Tucson Quilt Project.

I would also like to invite you to the monthly Walk-a-Mile at Jacobs Park, the first Saturday of each month, beginning at 8am.  This month we will be recognizing a sixth grade student for participating in the Tucson Zines Writing Challenge, sharing about a problem in Tucson – hot cars.  Registration and pre-walk activities begin at 8am. The Writing Challenge recognition will be at 9:15am, and the Walk, from Jacobs Park to Miracle Mile and Golden Pin Lanes, will begin at 9:30am.  

Felicia Chew

Pima county has an opportunity to be creative in the improving the economic viability of the area around Oracle Road and Miracle Mile.    The property the county recently purchased, which includes the Golden Pins Bowling Alley has the potential to become a center for health and well-being.    Probation offices and a public health clinic are necessary but their work would be stronger if the center includes input from the community.

The Bowling Alley has brought money into Pima county through tournaments.    The Bowling alley needs to be preserved and to be part of a community center which provides recreation, a cooling station and new construction for the other offices Pima County needs in this part of town.

Rosemary Bolza RN, MPH

We dispel the misconception that the bowling center was for sale due to failing revenue, or any reason other than the reality that the previous owner had listed Golden Pin Lanes for sale over 10 years ago and due now to his increasing age of 85.

At recent Calls to the Audience, Community members have spoken out regarding the decision of the County to shut down Golden Pin Lanes.  After the most recent Call, 1,000 signatures were submitted to the Clerk’s Office.

Those who spoke at the Call represented the 1,000 signatures.  We believe the County’s acquisition of the Golden Pin Lanes for non-bowling purposes is not good for the community nor Pima County.  

The 1,000 signatures represent community members, including employees, neighbors, car clubs, those trying to preserve Tucson’s history, and the families, visitors, and other customers of Golden Pin Lanes.  We can get more signatures; we have just begun to collect them.

We have been continuing conversation with community members, and we reiterate the request that the Board reconsider transforming Golden Pin Lanes.  We ask that the Board convene a committee to consider the following three options:

  1. Single person private ownership; a sale by the County
  2. Community/employee “co-op”; also a sale by the County
  3. Remain county ownership, but continue as a community bowling center through Parks and Recreation.

In the case of selling the Bowl to a single person, or as a co-op, we have three identified key points that financiers require:

  1. Historical operating statements for the bowling center;
  2. The purchase price;
  3. The revenue and expenses of the bowling center.

The above information should be released so that the Committee can make a better decision in the best interests of the community in regards to the Golden Pin Lanes.  Please note that we contacted the previous owner in an effort to collect this information with the desire to seek financing to reimburse the County; however his office stated they are unable to provide it since they are no longer the owners of the Golden Pin Lanes (yet the former owner is still operating Golden Pin Lanes and taking the profit).  

Lastly, note that in order to continue operating with the historical profit, it is necessary to make this decision by the end of November.  Golden Pin Lanes makes its profits primarily through League bowling, which is cheaper than any other facility in Tucson, and by scheduling tournaments where the average visitor spends $277 per night  which is a big income earner for Tucson.

Already, other bowling centers have been luring Golden Pin Lanes leagues away, stating that if they do not reserve their spaces now, they will not have space.  Additionally, out-of-town tournaments will begin reserving locations soon.

We will email this request to your offices, and we  hope to hear a serious response.

Hanson Fotherby

October 16, 2018

My name is Felicia Chew. I live in District 3, and am writing on behalf of myself and the 1000+ signatures on the petition to Save Golden Pin Lanes. I apologize that I cannot attend in person; I am substituting this morning at Flowing Wells High this morning.

I wanted to share a brief story about this weekend:

It rained. A lot. My family enjoyed the arcade and bowling at Golden Pin Lanes this weekend… it was the perfect rainy day activity, since we could not go to the Pumpkin Patch… and it was the only place we could all agree on.

We bowled beside a family who we did not know, and we cheered for them, as they cheered for us.

Several people took shelter in the Bowl during the rain, and enjoyed one another’s company.

We enjoyed Yolotots, fountain drinks, and a couple beers.

My understanding is that the County is currently leasing the Bowl to the previous owner, and the previous owner is maintaining ownership of the items in the building.  We have been in communication with the previous owner, and have asked if they would be willing to donate the equipment to us, if we can convince you, the County to select another space for the office buildings, and lease the Bowl to us.

We reviewed the memos regarding the acquisition of the Bowl. The largest use of space will be by the juvenile courts. The current Juvenile Courts are located on Ajo and I-10, also with easy access, and more importantly, a neutral location — not in the middle of a neighborhood. We do not need to build on the stigma of Miracle Mile.

We ask that you consider our request to lease the building, and keep the Bowl so that we may continue to do the work to build relationship, and revitalize the community.

Save jobs. Build community. Support local businesses.

Thank you,
Felicia Chew
District 3
On behalf of 1000+ current and future Pima County residents

*Felicia was unable to attend, and portions of her statement were read by Rosemary Bolza

*Hanson’s comments were aired on the Wake Up, Tucson show on October 18 at 7:45am, with Chris DeSimone’s commentary.

Help #SaveGoldenPinLanes.  It is not too late yet.  We have until December 2018 to help Mr. Huckelberry and the Board of Supervisors understand the importance of keeping this valuable treasure and resource in our community.  (This is when the leagues will be committing – or not committing – to another year of bowling with Golden Pin Lanes.)

What can you do?

1. Write to Mr. Huckelberry and the Board of Supervisors:

Chuck.huckelberry@pima.gov,  District1@pima.gov,  District2@pima.gov, District3@pima.gov, District4@pima.gov,  District5@pima.gov 

2. Go play at Golden Pin Lanes! 

Let the Board of Supervisors know how you value Golden Pin Lanes by continuing to support the Bowl.

Golden Pin Lanes is committed to our community, so let us continue to be committed to Golden Pin Lanes

There are specials on October 26  27, and 28! Bowl for 2 hours (shoes included), six tokens, and a goody bag for $6.99.

Come on November 2 from 6:30-8:30pm to First Fridays with Felicia Bowling Fundraiser for two hours of bowling (shoes included), a raffle, and Project Updates (including #SaveGoldenPinLanes)

Learn more at: http://www.feliciachew.com/savegoldenpinlanes



“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.   Without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”

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