Chew on This: October 14, 2018 Morning Facebook Thoughts

Eegee’s, Teacher Jokes, Felicia Chew Community Projects


The article above was printed on October 10, and there have been lots of opinions on the decision to sell Eegee’s.   I chose to #SpeakUp against those who are trying to “shame” the owners and investment company, and this us a re-post of my original comment on Facebook.

The overuse of shaming and blaming are detrimental to our communities. The automaticity of shaming and blaming perpetuate the systemic cycle of domestic violence. I am sharing my thoughts to help end the automaticity of shaming, blaming and perpetuation of systemic domestic violence:

1. Friends who live outside of Tucson, when Eegee’s comes your way, try it out! Nom nom nom!

2. I am a huge supporter of shopping local, and keeping things locally owned; I like this opportunity for expansion, which can mean franchising and becoming employee owned franchises.

3. Expanding something amazing to others is a gift that is priceless!

4. Consider the example of McDonald’s and other restaurant franchise opportunities — franchises can be locally owned and operated, with a support system for success.

5. So, before we go on shaming the owners, the expansion company, and anyone who starts an Eegee’s franchise… let us take a look at the bigger picture and see the potential benefits that can come from this next step.

#THINK #StopTheBlame #StopTheShame #OurChildrenAreWatching

20181014_125431Another re-post from a comment this morning:

Possibly going to be called a “hater” for this comment. Commenting anyways.

This *is* a problem. Laughing helps take the edge off. And also takes the focus off.

Parents, stop worrying about kids calling DCS on you. That doesn’t mean to smack them around, but it is our responsibility to teach our children respect and empathy.

Use logical consequences. Take away the phone. Speak frankly about creepy creepers who will try to groom our kids, and teach them to be smart.

Have courageous conversations with your kids, other grown-ups and other parents, and teachers. Support one another. Love one another. Stop the shame. Stop the blame. #OurChildrenAreWatching

And yes, shameless advertising, of my website where people can find more information on helping to build relationships and end systemic domestic violence at


And, one more re-post from my Facebook account this morning, about my small business, working to help end systemic domestic violence:

Felicia Chew Community Projects was founded in Tucson, Arizona to help bridge the gaps that exist in our community, and to share the message that we are each a piece of this puzzle of life; without each of us, our picture is incomplete.

Did you know:
Felicia Chew Community Projects is so-called because Felicia Chew realizes that both action and policy are necessary to make real changes for each of us and all of us. Including her name in the business title provides for name recognition when it is election time.

Did you know:
During crisis, the normal reaction is fight, flight, or freeze. It is necessary to be able to lower the adrenaline that is raised during moments of crisis, so one can think during moments of crisis.

Did you know:
One out of four women, and one out of seven men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime?

Did you know:
It takes 30 days of continuous mindfulness and working on making a change to actually make a change.

Did you know:
You are amazing. We believe in you!

Learn more about us on the web at

To support the Projects, visit us at

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without each of us,  our picture is incomplete.”

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