Golden Pin Lane Factoids

Did you know…

  • There are 30 employees at the Bowl
  • Many special programs have been at the Bowl for many years.
  • Ten to twelve Junior Bowlers bowl regularly at Golden Pin Lanes.  Five of the Golden Pin Lane bowlers went to the Nationals in Dallas in August 2017.  Golden Pin Lanes has the facilities to challenge these young bowlers.
  • Many individuals who are visually impaired use the facility and are familiar with the layout of the Bowl; there are not barriers in the middle of the facility.  The transition to a new facility could potentially be detrimental to progress and personal health.
  • Out of town tournament bowlers spend approximately $277 per person for each night (Office of Arizona Tourism).
  • 15.9% of Pima County residents are disabled (City of Tucson, 2015)  Bowling is friendly and open to all different levels of physical abilities. Bowling is the most popular sport for Special Olympians.
  • Open State Tournaments need 48 lanes to host their annual open tournament.  GPL is the only 48 lane house in Tucson.
  • Eight to ten local community organizations use the facilities regularly to help clients with physical therapy.
  • Bowling is considered to be among the most popular sport in the Special Olympics.  it is a particularly beneficial sport to people with intellectual disabilities, irrespective of their age or sports abilities, since it ensures physical exercise and at the same time participation and social integration. (
  • Participation in a league helps in building relationships and friendships, introducing new players to a big group of people who share a common interest, whether it be in a competitive league atmosphere, or just a fun/social league. (
  • Stress is simply a part of our lives, perhaps more so today than in the past.  Bowling engages us in physical activity, which is a known stress reliever, and also involves a significant amount of socializing with fellow bowlers, both teammates and the competition.  The combination of both physical activity and social interaction help make bowling a stress reliever for many. (
  • Youth On Their Own is one of the many local organizations that Golden Pin Lanes supports through fundraisers.
  • Golden Pin Lanes donates packages for local organizations for raffle prizes.
  • The Gem Show reserves the whole house annually.  They love the size and proximity!
  • The Pima County Hotel occupancy rate in April, May, and June of 2018 was up 3.8% from last year, partly due to the Open State Tournament.
  • Since 2011, there have been more than 900 athletes who participate in annual events at the Golden Pin Lanes.
  • The Pima County Board of Supervisors is responsible for providing direction to the County Administrator to ensure safe communities, nurture economic development, and protect public health.
  • There is a pro shop inside Golden Pin Lanes that will be affected by the closing of the facility.

What People are Saying About Golden Pin Lanes

“I bring my grandchildren to Golden Pin Lanes.  I have brought my young teenagers to Golden Pin Lanes, and we all had a good time.  We will miss it because it is a community space.  Everyone has spent time here.  I used to come here when I was younger.  I used to come here dancing, starting in the 60’s”  – Janet L., age 81

“Golden Pin Lanes is a family oriented sport that does not lead to CTE.  Save the bowl!” – Jim M., age 62

“Happy, healthy people don’t commit crimes.  Bowling makes happy, healthy people.  Save Golden Pin Lanes!”  – Felicia C. , age 47

“What the County intends to do is a waste of money.  There are too many positive interactions with the community that happen at Golden Pin Lanes on a daily basis.” – Sandra W., age 54

“As an employee, I have been here 14 years.  My children have bowled here.  I grew up bowling here.  I’ve worked the PBA Tournaments when they used to be here.  I’ve also worked the Big Brother Big Sister, Youth on their Own, Special Olympics, Bowl for the Cure, Bikers Against Child Abuse events.  We host the Gem Show (and close the bowling alley to the public).  We have City, State, Youth Tournaments, King and Queen, and Pepsi have bowled here!  I don’t want to go look for another job.  I have invested 14 years here! My daughter serves in Kuwait, she is a faithful league bowler and she used to bowl for Flowing Wells. I’m on a League, and my sons are, too.”  –  Employee, Golden Pin Lanes.

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