Felicia Chew, 2018 Candidate for Amphitheater Public School Board

General Philosophy
• I have filed as a candidate for Amphi School Board! Please “Vote Felicia Chew” on November 6, 2018, for Amphi School Board.
• As a mother, parent of an Amphi student, educator, and community member, I will work to ensure that policies and budget are appropriate and serving all students of our Amphi community.
• I will work to update outdated policies to ensure they are and effective and appropriate in supporting students, parents, and staff.
• I will work to increase services and reduce costs through community partnerships, and re-allocation of our budget as needed to support staff and students.
• I will support our school community through listening to, advocating for, and amplifying voices of each of us, and all of us.
• I will work to ensure that each Amphi student is safe and able to learn. I will work to ensure that staff is supported and accountable. I will work to ensure that our communities get return on our investment.

Personal and Family
• Felicia is a mom of three sons. Her oldest two sons attended public school in Davis, California as students at the Davis School for Independent Study, and also attended St. Anthony Indian School on the Zuni Indian Reservation. Her youngest son is currently a student at Amphi Middle School, after completing Grades K-5 at Holaway Elementary.
• Felicia served as Secretary on the St. Anthony Indian School PTO, and also as Secretary, Vice-President, and President on the Holaway Elementary School PTO.
• Felicia is a “mom” to over 1000 students in California, New Mexico, and Arizona over her 25 year career in education.
• Felicia is a survivor of domestic violence, and works as a crisis responder and also as a guest health assistant, trained in First Aid and CPR. She continues to work in the education system as a guest teacher and presenter on environmental sustainability practices, and domestic violence awareness, and ways to help end systemic domestic violence.

Accomplishments and Awards
• As a mother, Felicia spoke up about the summer meal program being cut. As a result of her efforts, the program was re-instated.
• As teacher representative, Felicia spoke up about needing healthier food choices for school meals, and LaCima became the recipient for the pilot Fruit and Veggie bar.
• As a teacher, Felicia applied for a technology grant and received digital cameras for her students, and for several arts grants, allowing her students to participate in local art presentations and activities. Felicia formed relationships with community members, and found creative ways to fundraise with her students to allow participation on field trips that were enjoyable and academic and social learning focused.
• As a community member, Felicia is hosting a Writing Challenge for students to understand that writing permeates through their classroom walls.
• Felicia was accepted as a Fellow with the Area 3 History and Cultures Project.
• Felicia received Teacher of the Year at St.Anthony Indian School.
• Felicia was selected as a recipient of a grant to provide educational and experiential programs and presentations to residents of Pima County.

Why I am Running for Public Office
• I am running for public office to bridge the gaps that so many policies and budget changes currently leave. I am working to be pro-active by taking the voices of many to design the best plans of actions to address our communities’ challenges.
• This is completed through having courageous conversations with all stakeholders, not just those who understand that policies and budgets affect each of us, and all of us, and are forging the way for our posterity.
• We are on a course that is not sustainable for the future. We are on a course that gentrifies our communities. Some slight changes (and some “strike alls) in practices and policies provides protections to each of us and all of us.

Goals if elected:
1. A voice for each member of the community.
2. Responsible spending.
3. Policies that allow each of us the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
4. Re-evaluating existing policies and procedures, for relevance and timeliness.

Achievements if elected:
1. Improved communication to and from the District and the community.
2. Increased sustainability practices and ownership of students.
3. Increased happiness.

Areas to concentrate on:
1. Community happiness and expectations.
2. Student happiness and expectations.
3. Community needs and resources.
4. Community partnership development and maintenance.
5. Personal and community rights and responsibilities.

On entering public service:
1. Commitment to accessibility.
2. Commitment to responsiveness.
3. Commitment to communication.

Opinion of other candidates:
• Each candidate has strengths and areas for contributing to the discussion and actions that are best for the community.
• Felicia hopes that voters will consider the direction they would like the community to move in, and choose the candidate who they believe will best allow the community to have success as they define it.
• Felicia encourages voters to look to the present and the future. Ask questions. Set aside doubts and fears. Have vision and courage.

Thanks for your support of our community!
#EachOfUs #AllOfUs #OurChildrenAreWatching #VoteOnNovember6 #VoteFeliciaChew

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without all of us, our picture is incomplete.”

Learn more about Felicia, her campaign, and her work in the community at http://www.feliciachew.com

*These guided questions were provided by vote-usa.org, as a free, community service to individuals seeking office. Visit their site, and learn more about other candidates seeking elected office!

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