“The Petition Is Meaningless” — At Least That Is What They Say

People have commented that the petition is meaningless.  Is it?  Does it not give a voice to the People who feel like they have no voice?  Couple that with the understanding that “You win some, you lose some,” and “You can always learn something from an experience,” and we develop strong character.

The petition is an example of the alternative strategies that I will work with the Board on implementing to help all students become successful, through developing policies that meet students and families where they are, and giving them opportunities and resources to help make things better for themselves and our community.

I understand that at the surface level, it may look like I am “cheating” or encouraging others to “cheat.” What we don’t recognize is the fact that current policies promote economic, social, political, gender, and cultural inequities.

I am running for School Board so that we can break the barriers of these inequities and help each of our students be successful.

458 people signed my nomination petitions, to show that they wanted to see my name on the ballot. Mr. Kopec allegated that at least 168 of my signatures were invalid. 105 signatures have been identified by the County Recorder’s Office as being invalid, based on their findings. We will be meeting with the Judge on Friday to discuss those findings, and the A.R.S.

Policies are what are keeping our hopes and visions from coming to fruition; the allocation of the budget is also hindrance.

As an Amphi Governing Board member, I will ensure that our policies and budget allow for alternative ways to reach goals.

We must remember that we are not all cut from the same mold, nor should we want to have cookie cutter kids. We have different perspectives, and that is what makes our community stronger.


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