August 22 Update: Vote Felicia Chew – Nominating Petitions Complaint

August 22 Update – A Message From Felicia Chew in response to the complaint filed regarding Ms. Chew’s nomination petition signatures for a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Board

Hello Friends,

I received a phone call yesterday from the Pima County Superintendent’s Office that in accordance with ARS 16-351, action against my nomination petition signatures has been filed, and I will be receiving a summons. The complaint was filed by one of my opponents.

While I am disappointed to have this action filed against me, I am not surprised.  These are the tactics that “politicians” use to “win” elections.  Many “politicians” see “winning” elected seats as a game.

In fact, a friend of mine asked me if I was going to file a countersuit.  My response: No.  I am not going to file a countersuit, because I am not playing a “game.”

These attempts at games are precisely why I am seeking a seat on the School Board – I am seeking a seat on the Board to update outdated policies that allow practices that distract and waste money.

I am including some information below regarding the situation, and I will write another update when I have more information.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or other feedback, via the contact page on this site, email, phone/text, or Facebook.

Continuing to press on for our students and community,

❤ Felicia

“I am seeking a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Board to set policies that end practicies of bullying, shaming, harrassment, and distraction.”  –Felicia Chew, Candidate Amphitheater Public School Board

A Conversation Between The “Game” of Life and Felicia Chew

The Game of Life As Is (GoLAI):  Many American games end up with one “winner.”  Those who do not “win” are all called “losers”.

Felicia’s Response:  This very basic concept demonstrates the difference between myself and many members of our community.  Many community members have an “us” versus “them” mentality.  “We” are better than “them”.  “We” must help “them”. “We” must “lead” “them”.  I don’t follow suit.

I believe that each of us does the best that we can. I believe that we are each capable of success with a hand up (empathy-empowerment), not a hand out (compassion-coddling).  I believe that we work together, while working independently.  I believe that we are each a piece of the puzzle of life; without each of us, our picture is incomplete.

GoLAI: “Doing the best that (they) can” is exactly why we must step.  We are one of the lowest ranked states in the Nation when it comes to Education.

Felicia’s Response: I believe that stepping up means giving individuals the hand up that they need… not the hand up that we think they need.

“I am seeking a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Board to allow individuals to seek success without fear of being bullied or shamed for choosing innovative responses to existing challenges and problems.”  – Felicia Chew, Candidate for Amphitheater Public School Governing Board

For more information about Felicia and her work with the community, use the links below:


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