Vote Felicia Chew – Facts to Consider (August 11 Update)

August 11, 2018 Update:  

I am running for School Board because I have seen first hand how policies and budget affect our students, staff, and community.  I will be the voice to ensure that policies and budget support the best programs for each of our students.

Thank you and good news!

  • Thank you for your nominations!
  • Thank you friends for helping to spread the word that I am running for Amphi School Board!
  • Together, we collected 458 signatures.  Seven of the signatures were from folks who lived outside of the Amphitheater School District boundary, so we had a grand total of 451 signatures (the required number of signatures for Amphitheater was 392)… we submitted 59 more signatures than were required (11.9% more than required).  I believe in a fair and equitable race, giving others opportunity to collect nominating signatures as well.

Now that we are on the ballot, please help spread the word about why I am the best candidate for ensuring we have the best policies and budget for helping each of our students succeed!

As the campaign season progresses, here are some facts to keep in mind:

Fact 1.  This is a contested race.  There are three candidates and only two seats. Ask yourself why the candidates want to fill those seats.

Fact 2. You might hear that candidates are not “viable” because they do not raise enough money, or do not collect enough signatures.  Ask yourself why these conversations are happening.

Fact 3.  Voters can only sign as many nominating petitions as there are open seats.  The first signatures count.  Ask yourself why candidates want to collect more than a 10% margin for errors.

Fact 4. Candidates can pay “canvassers” to collect signatures for them. Ask yourself what this means to the candidate who is connected with the community,  but not connected to a sugar daddy (or sugar mama).  P.S. I have been a paid canvasser in the past — imagine getting paid to do something you would otherwise volunteer to do!

Fact 5. Candidates can challenge other candidates’ signatures, and try to “knock them off the ballot”.  Ask yourself why a candidate would want to silence the voices of “x” for the mistakes of “y”.

Fact 6. People have reasons (agendas) for wanting particular candidates in particular seats.  Ask yourself why someone is supporting a particular candidate.

Fact 7. School Board members should first represent the children in the School District.  Putting the children first means getting the best services for children… in support through staff, services, and systems.  Ask yourself who the candidate is putting first.

Fact 7. Funds raised for campaigning go to sharing about the candidate.  Ask yourself how candidates use their campaign funds.   Ask yourself what else those funds could be used for (like purchasing a bowling center — an existing benefit to the community that is at risk of being turned into office buildings).

Fact 9. Some candidates will present information about other candidates, under the guise of “protecting the public.”  Ask yourself why the candidate is attacking someone else.  Ask yourself if that candidate spoke to the other candidate.  Go talk to the candidate. Be patient.  The candidate might be surprised at the confusion and backlash.  Remember that words have different meanings to different people, depending on their upbringing and experiences.  For example, the word “dog” may remind you of sweet cuddly Fifo and bring you happy memories.  To others, the word “dog” may bring back memories of a loved one being mauled by a dog.  To another, the word “dog” might bring back sadness at having recently lost their dog.  Remember to take actions according to the context.  We would all prefer that gifts, like chocolate chip cookies, are handed to us.  But imagine that a pack of wild dogs was chasing yoir friend.  You have a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  The dogs are chasing your friend because they are hungry. Throw the cookies.  Throw them now.

Fact 10.  I am running for School Board because I have seen first hand how policies and budget affect our students, staff, and community.  I will be a voice that ensures that policies and budget support the best programs for each of our students.

“When it’s time to vote, Chew’s (choose) the right Candidate! Felicia Chew for integrity and commitment for each of our students.”

#YourChoice  #YourVoice  #OurChildren  #VoteFeliciaChew

Learn more about Felicia at and at

Donate to the Campaign at  (Note: The link will be closed when the goal of $1000 is reached).

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