Rape babies are not a gift of God

A friend posted this video on Facebook this morning: 


My Facebook reply is below.

No. I am so tired of this rhetoric. A person can believe in God, but then they need to believe in all the parts of God…. not just the ones that make them “feel good”.

(Please note the use of “you” in this comment is to the “you” the general reader. This message might not be for all of “you”. But if it resonates with “you”, I encourage “you” to pause, take a breath, let it out slowly, and pray about it. Be like Jesus going to Gethsemane, trusting in the God you claim to believe in, not worrying about the friends who “abandon their post”. People do the best that they can do. Forgive them. When necessary, set boundaries. Speak up. Find our moral compass).

The book of Kings describes how the people told God they wanted to live like the other people…. with Kings who people could see.

Even after God told the people that they would have to deal with everything that came with not having a God, the people said: “Yeah, bring us a King.”

So that meant a LOT of changes…. like when a sperm meets an egg, you’ve got the beginning of a baby. It is the process that was put into place for people to procreate.

I can hear the boos and catcalls already. But if you take time to THINK past the churches who seek to control you, and take your money for their own purposes while claiming to be doing work for God, take another look.

How do they treat the homeless. Are they referred to as “they/them”? Are they treated differently? Stop justifying. And really look. Really listen. #RealEyesToRealize #JesusIsACowboy


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