Free Food!! (Lesson Sixty-Five THINK!)

There has been discussion about people being misled into donating to RAICES, based on the image used for the donation page.


I donated to RAICES, after reading the description that money is going to legal fees. Did the image catch my attention and get me to click on the link? Probably.

Advertising 101 (I was taught this in Public School in California in Grade 4). People are going to use images and catchy phrases to draw attention and cause an emotional response to causes — like buying their product or donating to their cause.

I am reminded of when I was a resident advisor and program advisor in college, and we needed to get our residents to a meeting. The signs usually had in large bold print “SEX!!!” or “FREE FOOD!!!” to get the attention of others. (I, being Lawful Good, always insisted on fine print at the bottom of the page that clarified the bold-faced print).


Free food is a marketing technique. Here is a sign I found when I googled “free food sign” and selected “images” leading to this website:

Bottom line, we must educate our communities.  I remember in the 80s when older people were being conned out of their life savings.  We must become a community of thinkers, not distracted by the shiny and sparkly things in the world.

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“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life… without each of us, our picture is incomplete.”

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