End the Education Crisis – Lesson Eighty Seven. Do the Right Thing.

People are asking for the solution to our education crisis.


We already have the answers. Unfortunately, we have too many recalcitrant folks in education.


The old models of lecture-based classrooms work for some, so we keep them for some. We remember that those types of schools were formed for industrial days, when people were taught how to operate sewing machines and work on assembly lines.

We also need classrooms that are inquiry-based and project based. We need classrooms that emphasize music or emphasize art. We need classes that meet us where we are, with our learning style.

We need to throw out language registers as suspendable offenses. Instead of forcing students to focus so hard on the way they speak (for example to say: Good morning fellow classmates vs Yo yo wazzup).

Smaller class sizes? They work depending on the teaching method. I think there were at least 200 people in the audience when I heard Noam Chomsky speak outside the library. 200:1, learning and inspired.

Please don’t give me 200 three-year olds and expect me to teach and inspire them to read for the first time.


The truth? People use the term “equity” and confuse it with “equality”.

People complain, so rigid policies are written. Unfortunately, our “leaders” become self serving and make and take deals because they want to be liked.

Forget being liked. Do the right thing.

❤ Felicia

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  Without one of us, our picture is incomplete.”

Images from Pexels

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