#RedForEd — OUR Story

My name is Felicia Chew.  I am an educator of 20+ years, running for Amphi Public Schools Governing Board, currently substitute teaching and working as a small business owner to end systemic domestic violence.

The #RedForEd movement has empowered teachers to #SpeakUp and say #Enough.  Now, we are looking at a teacher walk-out (strike) to make things better for Arizona’s education system.  #RedForEd has been leading the way to making things better for Arizona education.

Now, it is OUR turn.  Here are some of the actions WE must take, for OUR children, for OUR future, for OUR legacy:

  1. Write to OUR state legislators and to Governor Ducey for a budget that restores funding to OUR education system, and policies that pave the way to strong communities and a strong economy.  Write to OUR local school boards, asking for appropriate salary schedules and review policies to ensure that they support today’s student learning.
  2. Share OUR stories and OUR CHILDREN’s stories about the GAPS we and our children see and experience in and from OUR current education system —  the large class sizes; to the one or two children who learn differently in class and take the attention of the teacher; to the mostly good but sometimes bad school lunches; to the lack of sports opportunities to younger students; to the lack of support services to children experiencing anxiety; to the lack of school supplies; to the children who refuse to use the school bathroom because it is a place where students get assaulted pr offered drugs, or it just smells funny; to the student who is disruptive because they have fallen behind; to the student who is disruptive because they already understand what was taught and are bored; to the cookie cutter system that education is falling back onto so students score well on standardized tests; to … The list is endless.
  3. Be ready for OUR walk-out. Information on District closures from Pima County Superintendent

P.S. Have you ever seen a reciprocal roof?

“A reciprocal roof is a kind of roof in which every rafter is supported by the previous one, resulting in a strong, self-supporting construction…” https://danielsiepman.nl/en/reciprocal-roof/

Viva! (la revolucion)

❤ Felicia


We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.  

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