To Strike or Not To Strike?


The #RedForEd movement is gaining momentum in Tucson.  The question of the day:  Will Arizona teachers strike?

Some reasons I have heard for not striking (in no particular order):

– It is AZ Merit testing week;
– Students lose learning time when teachers strike;
– It is hard on parents when teachers strike (no childcare, etc);
– Not *all* teachers are participating

Interesting note: Some Tucsonans are not sure what #RedForEd means… some were looking for someone named Ed (how fantastic that would have been to have Mr. Ed — the horse– out marching!)

My thoughts: Communicate! Bring community members together!

Stop dividing! Stop name-calling!

I support students; I am a public school teacher; I have worked in private schools and public charter schools; My children have attended classes in public schools and private schools. I engage in conversations and take action! I am running for school board to be in a position to create and support policies that are better for all of us. And still, individuals have attempted to privately and publicly shame me.

My point: We can’t strike because there is too much division.

Next steps:
– Coordinate childcare for kids if/when teachers strike;
– Follow the process (if the process doesn’t seem to be working, change the process);
– Be mindful of different perspectives;
– Stop shaming, blaming, and name-calling;
– Work together.

Viva! (La revolucion),
❤ Felicia
#VoteFeliciaChew #Amphi2018

Stay informed! Get involved!

Arizona Parents and Allies United


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