Gun Control vs. Gun Sense


Re-post of a comment I made on a Facebook thread:

Lots of people are saying to take guns away. There is a difference between gun control and gun sense.

Both sides have something in common: Fear.

I am concerned with the blaming and finger pointing that will come into play next.

It is one reason that I do not attend marches (yes, there was finger pointing, name calling, and blaming at the marches; many of the marches were labeled protests).

Already, fingers are pointed at “absent fathers”(I watched a video yesterday by a Doctor who blamed the absent fathers for the boys’ shooting sprees). The fingers *should* be working to identify why the fathers are absent.

People are shouting for gun control. People should be advocating for gun sense.

Accidents happen, so what can we do to prevent them? (Clarification/Update: No, I am not suggesting that the shootings were accidental, but I am stating that gun shooting “accidents” are preventable, and can be reduced through gun sense, such as teaching children how to use guns and securing guns)

Stop the blaming, shaming, and guilt tripping.

Let’s find real solutions through building relationships, and working with our friends and neighbors as who we are — individuals.

#EachOfUs #AllOfUs #SpeakUp #Listen #StopTheBlamingAndShaming

Follow-Up Comment:

It is a muti-faceted issue, that can be addressed through having relationships with others.

Policies should be for *we, the people* — for #AllOfUs.

Our policy making process could benefit from a change that allows consideration from all peoples, not just some people.

I have spoken with many people who believe that they are unable to vote because of past felony convictions.

Our current solution for Domestic Violence is an ineffective Diversion program.

Unfortunately, many people choose to do what is easiest — not what is best.

We can do better.  We must do better.

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life.”

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