Lesson Thirty-One: Transit Buddies

We talk about helping one another with a hand-up, not a hand out.  The Transit Buddies system allows for community members helping community members.

Transit Buddies!  There are lots of people who want to ride the bus, but aren’t sure how to ride the bus.  Increase ridership, and increase the economy for the bus.

In addition, a transit buddy program includes the benefits of:

  • Helping transit drivers being able to stay focused on driving, while the transit buddies answer questions from riders.
  • Increased safety for transit riders.  University campuses have “campus escort” systems that provide safe passage while on campus.  Our Transit system can provide the same courtesy for transit riders.
  • Providing the foundation for giving back to those in the community who give their time to the community.
  • Building self-confidence in community members.
  • Building relationships between community members.
  • Helping with the affordability of riding the transit system.
  • Helping community members feel valued, and a piece of this puzzle of life.

Video by Laura Fuchs (Tucson, Arizona)  Thank you, Laura, for supporting the Transit Buddies project!

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