Diary of a Hopeaholic

I have had a tendency to be a hopeaholic… part of being a victim/survivor of domestic abuse. I am also hypervigilant. And I have a sense of urgency, where others do not.


I hold on to the hope that things will change.

#HopefulButNotAHopeaholic #HopeaholicsAnonymous

I am feeling pretty discouraged right now. Everyone says coercive control is a real problem, but not very many people are willing to do something about it.

#StopCoerciveControl #CoerciveControlIsACrime #CriminalMinds

And so it continues, because of the fear that things will get worse for victims and survivors.

Here’s the thing: IT CAN’T GET MUCH WORSE.

NOTHING IS MUCH WORSE THAN HAVING HOPE CRUSHED – REPEATEDLY – by those who are supposed to be the protectors.

Death? Death seems almost better than continuing through this cycle of abuse.

I have been criticized for being too emotional.

But, when you see the same cycle going on over and over and over again… and you see perpetrators continuing to work the system… and you see the guilt and shame…. and you see the effects… you get emotional.


Who will come with me, and say #Enough! ?

#HopeAsTinyAsAMustardSeed #NeverthelessShePersisted #RosaTakeMeOnTheBusWithYou

The question: What is the #Action that every person can take?

#BecomingAnActivist ?

“We are each a piece of the puzzle of life; without each of us our picture is incomplete.”


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