How can we protect survivors of domestic abuse – coercive control?

a. Add coercive control as a crime. Work with local law enforcement to determine the language is appropriate.





a. No contact with the victim until the required DV coercive control counseling/therapy sessions are completed (top of page 3, Items B-F).


b. Family/Support Persons Therapy. Not just for the victim and the abuser, but also for the siblings, parents, and support persons… so they can be aware of what domestic violence coercion control looks like, and when it is being committed.

c. Victim Therapy. Exists, but can be cost prohibitive to victim.

3. FINANCIAL. It is necessary to include that the abuser must contribute to household expenses by being able to continue to go to work, to pay for bills, etc., or some other source of funding must exist, otherwise the victim cannot survive.

a. The creation of an “escrow account” that convicted offenders must pay into, especially for those who have children. The funds in this account are for use if/when the abuser is arrested again, to pay for rent, electricity/gas, water, basic phone service, car insurance and payments, and had to transport children to school and activities. How this is presented to the abuser is important, and awareness that the abuser is likely to become resentful at some point, or refuse to participate because of the lack of control. So it is important to emphasize that this is a future emergency fund, not simply a punishment. Would be nice if this contributes to credit score ratings.

b. The victim can also have an option to have a separate “escrow account”. Even better if it can somehow be counted to improving the credit ratings of the victim.

a. Parent in custody change to legislation. Addressed in draft at the bottom of page 6 and on page 7.



b. Child testimony change to legislation. Addressed on page 6

a. Victim Testimony change to legislation. Addressed on pages 5 and 6


b. Victim Contact change to legislation. Page 5

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