“Lunch Shaming”

There’s a new bill out addressing lunch shaming.  I am concerned that the time spent on this bill is causing us to lose valuable time by treating a symptom, not the root problem.

Let’s do something that addresses the root problem of shaming.

If a child has asthma, giving cough medicine helps some, but finding ways to address the cigarette smoker’s addiction solves the root problem.

Re-post from earlier comment:

To consider:

1. The shaming isn’t in the act of getting the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The shaming is when children (and adults) are allowed to talk bad about a parent of a child. If adults and children stop “talking bad”, and the issue is addressed, the shaming does not exist.

2. We must teach mindfulness, self-control, self-responsibility, and social responsibility to #EachOfUs and #AllOfUs.

3. In cases of divorced parents, we must ensure the correct parent is receiving the bill.

4. The parent should be responsible for footing the bill; the child should not be the one working in the cafeteria. Most schools have systems for parents putting money directly into a child’s account; if they do not, they need to implement a system, knowing that some parents work non-traditional hours, and do not have credit cards (and schools should not complain about the parents who work non-traditional hours and have no credit cards).


The problem is due to limited perspectives on what the “right way” is. We MUST become aware of our implicit biases, of our fears, and of how our environment affects our behaviors and actions.

We must say “Enough!” and realize that our children are watching.

Viva! (la revolucion)
❤ Felicia


Viva! (la revolucion)
❤ Felicia

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