Prison Profit Spending – We Must Do Better

In response to comments regarding for profit prisons which were stimulated from a recent news article on prison funding:

We need to be aware of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

If prison “profits” were used for creating infrastructure and funding programs for a better future, I don’t think we would have this discussion.

It is all about ethical, responsible spending of funds, and remembering that $10 to a poor person is not the same as $10 to a not poor person is not the same as $10 to a rich person.

We need programs that provide resources to families and friends of perpetrators, and to public education.

People know that crime is bad, but are too afraid, or have given up on trying to make a difference because of the way they are treated when they try to make change.

People try to take huge steps, and then don’t bridge the gaps or shore up the infrastructure, so the programs fall apart.

We can use prison “profits” for good. We must monitor prison fines to ensure we are not perpetuating the cycle of crime.

❤ Felicia

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