We Can Stop the Division in Education

In response to the article:

ACLU report slams Arizona charter school enrollment policies

  • By Terry Tang The Associated Press
  • Updated 


There are definitely problems of discrimination in all places. Some are not as overt, and some have louder spokespeople.

Unfortunately, I have seen similar problems in “regular” public schools as well. I witnessed two families being told that perhaps the public school of their choice was not the best fit for them, despite the families and the students wanting to remain at the school.

And, how can we forget the families who were told they could not go to their neighborhood school because of deseg policies?

“Regular” public schools have waiting lists, and admission processes also.

Public charter schools are painted in a negative light, giving fuel to public school advocates to attack them, and seek their funding.

Public charter schools and Public schools have the same goal — to educate students.

It is time to increase revenue for public schools — charter, magnet, “regular” — and time to stop the division.

Wake up, Tucson! Look outside the box and make the change.

(1) Stop blaming.
(2) Stop complaining.
(3) Donate tax credit dollars to the school of your choice.
(4) Ask neighborhood schools how you can help.
(5) Schools – reach out to the community and stop the hate!

❤ Felicia
“chew on ideas, chew on food, chew’s wisdom because our children are watching”

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