Helicopter Parenting

“Helicopter parenting”, thoughts from December 22, 2015.

Happy for Christmas break :). Took my son to the McDonald’s to enjoy the Play Place with some friends.

A younger boy wanted to play Hide and Seek with my son and his friends. I heard whispers of: ” Stop following me!” (whispered because I had just spoken to my son about how I heard my son calling one of his friends “Baby” because she didn’t want to play Tag anymore.)

Long story longer, I spoke to my son in private: “I heard you telling the other boy to stop following you. He doesn’t know how to play. So, show him a good hiding place, then go hide yourself.”

Instead of the response I hoped for: “Great idea! Thanks, I’ll try that!”, I got an irritated, “No!” followed by “He’s playing with those other kids now.”

So then I thought to myself, “Am I helicopter parenting?”

I decided: Why am I even wondering that? And I realized: The term “Helicopter parenting” has a negative connotation, and has made me question correcting my child’s inappropriate behaviors.

Some people will say “Children will be children”, and ” They need to figure it out”.

I agree, they are children, and they need to figure it out, but they need to understand boundaries and parameters, and then go from there.


❤ Felicia


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