Felicia’s Story: Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Pico de gallo atop poached eggs atop blue corn tortilla chips.

My story: The first time I had blue corn tortilla chips was when I was in New Mexico. We were looking for land to purchase to build a 100% sustainable home. It was the beginning of the Adventures of Happy Joy.

We found a 20 acre piece of land in the Cibola National Forest where there was a “tiny home” — a cabin with a kitchen area, a woodburning stove, and a sleeping loft.

It was beautiful. We staked out the place to build a 100% sustainable home of logs, rammed earth, and papercrete. I built a door of recycled pallet and plastic bags for insulation.

In the end, we had three goats, three sheep, lots of cats, and a dog named Max who eventually came to Tucson as well.

My son remembers the deep snow where he would play, conpletely hidden from us when he was three years old.

Oh, New Mexico, Land of Enchantment, neighbor to Arizona.

Yes, building a 100% sustainable home *is* possible — with determination and the right resources and tools, we can.

My recipe:
1. Poach two eggs.
2. Lay a bed of blue tortilla chips on a plate.
3. Lay poached eggs atop the chips.
4. Add a scoop or two of pico de gallo on top (see recipe)
5. Eat!

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