Leigh’s Story: Apple Butter

Leigh’s Story:
This is the first time we’ve made apple butter as teacher gifts, but if they like it, it could start a tradition. 🙂

We usually make something homemade for the teachers and my kids write them a note or card. I’m mostly a cookie baker and candy maker, but there were always teachers with special dietary issues and I didn’t want to exclude them or give them a gift they couldn’t enjoy. If I knew about their restrictions, I could accommodate, but what about the ones I didn’t know?

Last year, we did candied spiced pecans and almonds, so only nut allergy folks would be screwed. This year – apple butter. But thank goodness for Zac – my brilliant sous chef. The apples cook down A LOT to make apple butter, so you have to make A LOT of it. We’ll be depositing 45 pounds of 4 kinds of apples into the crock pots for this project. Hoping to have some left for family or we may need to do ANOTHER batch. 🙂

It’s great fun and we LOVE our teachers. We can’t afford to buy them all new cars (wish we could!), so this is hopefully a reasonable alternative.

Leigh’s Recipe:
It’s basically this: http://www.geniuskitchen.com/r…/crock-pot-apple-butter-93886

But I cut the sugar to 3 cups, add a ton more spices (cinnamon, cloves, and ginger – until it smells right), and squeeze in some lemon juice.

It’s PERFECT on fresh, fluffy biscuits. Or also straight from the spoon. 🙂

*Story and Recipe Contributed by Leigh and www.geniuskitchen.com. Photo from www.geniuskitchen.com

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