#Presentation and Perception

This is a story that was shared with me, modified by me to make it entertaining to me.  The message?  Presentation.

Imagine someone has baked a plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies.  They bring it to you, and you breathe in the inviting warmth, already tasting the gooey chocolate melting in your mouth.  All of a sudden, that someone takes the cookie tray and throws it in your face!  What is going on?  The cookies have lost their appeal, and you have lost all respect for that someone.  You turn on your heel and huff out of the room, disgusted and disappointed.  On your way out, you encounter me, looking at you with disgust, and rushing toward the someone.  You think to yourself:  “Wow, really?  After what that someone did to me,  you rush by me, and go to that someone?”

Now, take a step back, rewind the scene, and and let’s take another look at the scene from an outsider’s perspective.  You see you, standing there, smiling as someone approaches you with a tray of cookies. You see yourself smile as the cookie tray approaches you.  But then you also see a bee buzzing behind that someone.  And the bee stings the someone!  Shocked, the someone throws the cookies in your face!  And you realize as an outsider that the someone is severely allergic to bees.  But the scene continues, and you see yourself turn on your heel and huff out of the room, disgusted and disappointed, leaving the someone there in the room, fallen, and looking around hopelessly for help.

Now, do you understand?


Your perception of the cookies changed based on the presentation of the cookies to you.  And your perception of you changed after you took a step back.

As Councilwoman, I will always take a step back, and look at the situation, not just the presentation.  I will share what I discover, and work for a solution that you understand, even if you do not agree wholeheartedly.with it.  My door will always be open for discussion.  Because really, that tray of cookies didn’t have to be thrown.  Preventive safety steps could have been taken

Let me find those answers.  When the time comes to vote, remember Chew’s the right candidate.

#EachOfUs #AllOfUs #OurTucson #ChewForTucson #ChewForWard3Council


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