On August 29, 2017, 1700 voters cast a “Yes” vote for me, Felicia Chew, for Ward 3 Councilwoman.

1700 votes for programs that connect working families, and each of us, with local government; for stronger public services, especially​ improved public ​transit;

1700 votes for​ a more economically and environmentally sustainable Tucson;

1700 votes for a community that is healthy and strong for each of us, for all of us, and our future generations;

Those 1700 voices are not going unheard. Felicia Chew Community Projects was founded on November 22, 2017 to continue the work.

If the 1700 voters are joined with others who were ineligible to vote in the election, and each individual contributes $2/month or $20/year to Felicia Chew Community Projects, we will be able to continue the work I spoke of, for our community.

We will increase the number of voters from 8000 who are likely to vote.

We will raise our median income.

We will reduce our rate of domestic violence.

We will connect more residents, and their loved ones, who face challenges with addictions and mental health, with resources that really help.

Thank you for your support during the campaign.  Thank you for your support now!

❤ Felicia

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